Queerly Autistic


I am a queer, autistic woman. I have a love of writing  and a desire to use my words to make a change in the world. This blog was started as a way of logging my thoughts, advocating on queer, autistic and similar issues, and to reach out to others with similar experiences. If I can have a positive impact on at least one person, then everything will have been worthwhile. And if I can have a positive impact on a bigger scale, then I will fight to do that.

I was born on 13th January 1992 (date of birth provided in place of age, as I will not remember to update my age every year), am based in the United Kingdom, and currently work in the charity sector. I came out as bisexual when I was 16, and was diagnosed as autistic when I was 23 (after a long and stressful battle)  I am politically left-wing and this blog will reflect that. I have two dogs and this blog will also reflect that.

Find me on Twitter: @QueerlyAutistic 

Email me: erin@queerlyautistic.com


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